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Wardcraft The Better Way to Build
Wardcraft Homes specializes in building custom modular, highly energy-efficient homes at a competitive price and delivering to rural areas. We are 2nd generation family owned and operated, with over 5,500 homes built during the last 44 years. Our business is centered around delivering premium quality, lasting durability and the comforts of a home your family will enjoy for generations to come.

Wardcraft has more selections available than most builders. We study the latest innovations and actually show you what is behind our walls, which is what makes a Wardcraft home so energy efficient. Many of our standards come from the biggest names such as Pella windows, Moen faucets, Kohler whirlpools (and optional sinks), Onyx bathroom sinks, Kichler lights, Lennox HVAC and Kwikset locks and door handles. So be assured what is behind and infront of your walls is quality. We don’t use “builder grade” materials. We believe in building your home right the first time so you won’t need to replace inferior faucets, lighting fixtures etc in the near future.

Choosing your builder will be one of the most important decisions you can make. We invite you to tour one of our production facilities prior to choosing Wardcraft and as often as you like while we build your new home nestled within our walls. Contact your local Wardcraft building professional today to discuss how we can make your dream home become a reality.


Systems Built Advantage
BENEFIT: Higher quality construction in a controlled environment where products and materials are protected from the weather.

Every custom Wardcraft home is built to meet energy-efficiency standards for the harshest climate zone in the U.S. Your new home will be built in our climate-controlled work environment with the roof constructed before it is ever exposed to the elements. Highly efficient work areas and enhanced supervision allow framers, electricians, plumbers, roofers and exterior/interior specialty finish workers to have immediate access to their shops and tools, allowing your home to be completed to a higher level of quality than most site-built and all other systems-built homes.

Improved Schedule and Reduced Build Time
BENEFIT: Simultaneous construction on the job site and in our facility.

Our systems built method reduces your building time by simultaneous construction at the job site and in our
production facility, saving you time and money.
Built inside our controlled environment and delivered to your job site, your home is assembled on site with precision. The average home is built with one to six sections, depending upon your floorplan and location.

While we are building your new home in our facility, your local authorized Wardcraft building professional is able to coordinate site work, such as excavating and pouring the foundation as well as setting up utilities. This eliminates lengthy building times, weather problems and delays associated with site-built construction. Once your home is on the job site your local authorized Wardcraft building professional will complete the roof, interior and exterior finish work, garage and porch.

Quality, Value and the Power of Volume Buying
BENEFIT: Volume buying ensures higher quality products at a reduced cost, providing more choice for less money.

Because of the large number of homes we build we are able to purchase higher quality lumber and specialized material inventory at higher volume discounts. These superior products are installed by our highly skilled craftsmen. We are proud of our large number of long-term, skilled team members who combine their knowledge and high standards to produce a quality home each and every time.

Custom Design
BENEFIT: Offers the freedom to build your home the way you dreamed it.

Start with one of over 100 plans. Design your own plan with your local Wardcraft building professional or bring us your architect’s floorplan. Wardcraft has extensive experience with complex structural home designs including those with intricate rooflines and site-specific durability features, such as specialized integrated cold roof designs and seismic construction.

One plan can look very different when you add your own touches. This is the Cottonwood, here are some variations. Top photo shows a door beside the garage for easy access, while bottom ones show it on the side. Varying porch styles, gables, exterior finishes and minor modifications are also shown.

Custom Finishes with Choices Throughout Your Home
BENEFIT: Aesthetically pleasing, high quality products and finishes allow you to
customize your new home with a variety of standard choices as well as many upgrades.

Standard Features: We offer 18 custom cabinet choices (with optional chocies you’ll have more than 800 to choose from), Pella® windows, Moen® faucets, Kohler® whirlpools, MAAX® tub/showers, Kichler® lights, Lennox® HVAC, LP® SmartSide® siding, Onyx bathroom sinks, and 30-year asphalt shingles—are all standard on your new home.

Let’s face it, building a home will be the most stressful, most expensive and most rewarding decision you will make. Wardcraft has developed a very streamlined process to building a home, no one else can offer.

2x4 vs 2x6
Other builders: Use 2x4 construction with batt insulation.

Wardcraft: Uses 2x6 construction. Why is this better? You can put more isulation in a 2x6 wall than you can a 2x4 wall. What is behind your walls you can not change, or update in the future. With temperatures and windchills below 0, this extra insulation will save you thousands over the time you live in your home in energy savings. See the illustration above for the difference between batt and blown in insulation.

Blown Insulation (Wardcraft) vs
Batt Insulations  (others)

Others: In a 2"x4" wall (other builders) only an R-15 can be achieved with blown insulation. Most builders however only use batt insulation this includes many modular builders. See the diagram to the right so see the gaps left with batt insulation this lack of coverage creates a hot or cold spot in your home.

Wardcraft: In a 2"x6" wall R-23 can be obtained (standard with Wardcraft). You will see no gaps or voids.

For the best performance, an insulation material needs to fill the whole space, with no gaps, voids, compression, or incompletely filled areas. See the image to the left, batt insulation does not fill these while blown does.

The Wardcraft catalog was developed to make your building process easier with the most selections available. We study the latest innovations and actually show you what is behind our walls, which is what makes a Wardcraft home so energy efficient. Many of our standards come from the biggest names such as Pella® windows, Moen® faucets, Kohler® whirlpools (and optional sinks), Onyx bathroom sinks, Kichler® lights, Lennox® HVAC and Kwikset® locks and door handles. You won’t find “builder grade” materials here.

Other Builders: Will show you very limited selections or give you full rein of every product out there. Building a new home is stressful enough.

Wardcraft: We research the latest trends and SHOW you everything in one very easy to understand catalog. Lets say you pick out some nice marble tile, and you have your heart set on it only to find out it is not within your budget. The Wardcraft catalog will actually advise you which pricing catagory your beloved tile falls within (see the “F.” to the left). We will also show you ways to keep that tile within your budget with some ideas you may not have considered. Such as using that tile in 1/3 or 1/2 to create an accent.

Most of our options are noted with a A-L in accending order of price so you have an idea an items price range (A being standard, B is more expensive etc).


Inventory Homes
If you need a home right away, or if all these choices send your head spinning, no worries, we have inventory homes ready to go. Now some of our inventory homes, even allow you to choose your countertop, tile, bathroom vanities and faucets, so you still get customization while getting to walk through the house! We also have photos and video tours available for most floorplans! SSimply click on inventory homes in the green bar to the left.